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Look at the photo and read the advert. Then discuss the questions.1 Would you like to go to Cook Camp? Why?/Why not? 2 How many things listed in the advert can you make? 3 Which dishes would you like to learn how to make?teenage cook campIn a few years, you will have graduated from school and will be living in a student house with other people your age.WILL YOU KNOW HOW TO FEED YOURSELF?At Cook Camp we believe that basic cooking skills are an important life skill but many young people will be leaving school and home without them.JOIN OUR WEEKEND COOK CAMP NOWBy the end of the weekend, you’ll have learnt how to make: a pasta sauce vegetable soup pizza cakes and biscuits three chicken dishes an apple pie and much, much more!

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Discuss the questions.1 What happens to leftovers in your home?2 What could your family, your school or your country do to cut down on food waste?

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In your notebook, complete the instructions for the first recipe in Exercise 8 with the words in the box. Then put the instructions in the correct order. Listen again and check.boil chop mix pour put sliceBread and butter puddinga Heat some milk in a small pan. Don’t boil it.b …  the slices of bread and butter in a dish with some dried fruit.c …  up some ripe bananas and put them in the dish.d … the stale bread and put butter on ite … three eggs and three large spoons of sugar with the warm milk.f … the mixture over the bread and fruit and cook in the oven for forty-five minutes.

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The article talks about reducing leftovers. Listen to three people talking about their favourite leftovers recipes. Answer the questions:1 What is the main ingredient in all three?2 Have you ever made any of these dishes?3 Which recipe do you like best?

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Focus 3. Second Edition. Student’s Book

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