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Play the quiz game in groups. Answer the questions that you pick from the set you get from your teacher. You score a point if you give a correct answer. 

Zadanie game Strona 118

Follow the instructions and make your own maps. Choose the name of the street or the place you want to describe. It has to be either a street close to your house or the place you live in.Use online sources to look for information about the location you have chosen.Make a note of all the most important information.Use a dictionary to write a note in English about the information you have found.Make your description more attractive by adding some pictures.Take some pictures of the place and print them.Conduct an interview with older residents or family members about what the place looked like in the past. Look for some pictures from the past.What does the place look like now compared to the past? Think about how the buildings and shops have changed. You may choose to do this by comparing two years, for example, 1980 and 2018, and describing what happened in each year respectively.Next, together with your classmates, create a big map of your place and put your descriptions in English in the right location.Become guides for your city/town/village and present the map to other classes.Thanks to your efforts visitors from other countries will learn more about your area.

Zadanie project Strona 117

Work in groups. Choose a famous person from the past. Why is this person interesting? Find out some information bout them and answer the questions. Using your answers, write a nimi biography about them in your notebook. Where was this person born?Where did the person live?What did the person liked doing?What was their biggest achievement?When did the person die? 

Zadanie 9 Strona 115

Find verbs in the past simple and put them into one of the following two groups. Write them in your notebook. 

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Junior Explorer 5

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