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Work in pairs. Discuss if you agree with the statements in exercise 6.

Zadanie 7 Strona 121

Prepare a presentation for your classmates. Present it to the class with as much interaction with the audience as possible

Zadanie 6 Strona 149

Wrap up your presentation with a call for action – tell the audience your expectations! Look at the statements. For each statement, think of a topic of a presentation you could use it in:1 So, why don’t you call your local office to check how you personally could help?2 I believe that with my presentation, you will know exactly what to do in emergency.3 If you would like to learn more about this topic, visit websites like …4 Don’t wait! If you decide to buy today, you’ll get 10% discount! 

Zadanie 5 Strona 149

Read the body language tips: DOs and DON’Ts in the table below. Then, match the effects (1–5) with the tips (a-h) which may lead to the effects.DOSa use your face muscles – show emotions like amusement, surprise, disbelief, etc.b adjust your facial expression to the topic (e.g. show sadness when talking about misfortune, death)c try to look at everybody and maintain eye contact d adjust your posture to the type of presentation (more formal if you’re in front of the management of your company, more relaxed if talking to schoolchildren)DON’Tse don’t look away (to the sides, the floor or the ceiling) while talkingf don’t stare at one person all the timeg don’t stay in one place all the timeh don’t fidget with your fingers or other objects 1 The person in the audience will feel uncomfortable.2 The listeners will wonder why you’re being so nervous.3 The audience will believe that what you tell them has also its impact on your feelings.4 This may suggest that you’re not telling the truth.5 Everyone in the audience will feel they are important to you.

Zadanie 4 Strona 149

My Perspectives 3. Student’s Book

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